19 Roger Stone – On Trump’s Cabinet Picks, Why Trump Won, and How He Will Judge a Trump Presidency

Roger Stone is our first repeat guest, as he joins us again after the election to talk about Donald Trump’s new task as the 45th President. Roger gives insight into his conversations between him and Trump, what he thinks about Trump’s picks for his cabinet, and how he thinks Trump will act on issues like foreign policy and immigration. He discusses the role of alternative media in the election, why regular people are responsible for his win, and why Roger thinks Trump will be a popular president.

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Show Notes: 

  • Why Roger wasn’t shocked when Trump won
  • What he was doing when the election results came in
  • Why he thinks there is more to be seen about Hillary’s emails
  • What Roger said to Trump the night of the election
  • Why he thinks it is time for new blood in the White House cabinet
  • Why he doesn’t want Romney to be Secretary of State
  • The war in Syria and what Trump’s presidency should do about it
  • How the grassroots is feeling about Trump’s picks for his cabinet
  • What Trump will do about his business interests
  • Why the people who elected Donald Trump are not the white nationalists that people make them out to be
  • Why Roger is not going to be in the cabinet or become a lobbyist
  • About Roger’s new book
  • Who is most responsible for Trump’s success
  • Fun questions, including where to get the best pizza in New York and who is the best dressed person in politics
  • Why Roger thinks Trump will be amazingly popular as president

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