04 Roger Stone – What Donald Trump Learned from Roy Cohn and an Inside Look at a Career in Political Advising

Roger Stone is a long time advisor of Donald Trump – he is a defender of Trump even though he has no official connection to the campaign any longer. In this interview, we talk about the Trump campaign from beginning to present; how Roy Cohn mentored a young Trump, how Roger advised him early on, and his current campaign operations.

Roger also leads us into an inside look at his decades-long career in political advising, from helping Reagan get on the ballot in New York to working with Nixon post-presidency.

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Show Notes: 

  • What Donald Trump learned from Roy Cohn
  • What Roger thinks of allegations Trump campaign is tied to Putin
  • What he makes of Trump’s shuffling of campaign staff
  • How much Trump is actually worth
  • The saga of Trump’s involvement in birtherism
  • Why Roger thinks Trump should release his tax records
  • What Roger thinks of his ban from cable television
  • About his time working for Richard Nixon post-presidency

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