31 Thomas Ravenel – On Drug Use, Southern Charm, and Politics

Thomas Ravenel, the State Treasurer of South Carolina in 2007, is now a star on the reality TV show Southern Charm. In this engaging interview, we chat about the federal drug charges that removed him from office, where he would be if the charges hadn’t happened, his political views, and more. You’ll be surprised at the twists and turns that this interview takes as we make our way from Donald Trump, legalizing drugs, reality TV, and more.

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Show Notes: 

  • Why Thomas felt that Trump was going to win the election
  • How he would have handled Donald Trump on the debate stage
  • When his views started to skew more Libertarian
  • Why he would make drastic cuts to the federal defense budget
  • If he wants to run for office again or not
  • Why he thinks drugs should be legalized
  • About his drug issue and time in jail
  • If he would ever run for president
  • How he thinks Southern Charm has helped his image in South Carolina or hurt it
  • Why his family didn’t want him to do Southern Charm
  • What he thinks of our South Carolina politicians including Lindsay Graham
  • Where he would be today if didn’t have a federal drug conviction
  • Walking through how his conviction happened and why he thinks he was wronged
  • Why he doesn’t regret doing Southern Charm
  • Who he is actually friends with in real life from Southern Charm
  • What to do if you find yourself in Charleston, South Carolina
  • Why he is to the left of Democrats on many issues

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