21 Stephen Hadley – On Trump’s Secretary picks, and How Trump Should Manage Syria, North Korea, and Europe

National Security Advisor to George W Bush, Stephen Hadley sat on the sidelines of this election and observed, and we get his insights into the 2016 Campaign and how he thinks the world reacted to it. We discuss what he thinks of Trump’s pick for Secretary of State, how Trump will be on foreign policy, and what he thinks about Russia’s meddling in the election.

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Show Notes: 

  • What Stephen made of the 2016 Campaign
  • Why the world looks at our election every four years
  • What Trump’s worldview on foreign policy is
  • How Rex Tillerson will be as secretary of state
  • Why Russia is a player that must be dealt with
  • What makes a good national security advisor
  • The problem areas that need to most focus on in foreign policy when Trump becomes President
  • The immediate threat of North Korea
  • What he thinks about Russian hackers during the election