08 Rick Wilson – On Evan McMullin’s Presidential Bid, A New Conservative Party, and Why He’s Sure There is More Trump Opposition Research Coming Soon

Rick Wilson is a Never-Trumper, and now the Campaign Strategist for Evan McMullin’s Presidential bid. I talk with Rick about the opposition research that has come out on Trump and why it didn’t come out during the primaries, what the media has done to the election, and why he believes Evan McMullin has a shot. We also discuss the possibility of a new conversation party that splits with the GOP.

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Show Notes: 

  • Rick’s thoughts at the start of Trump’s bid
  • Why the recent Trump revelations didn’t come out during the primaries
  • When Rick met Donald Trump and Clinton
  • What the media’s role in this election has been
  • Why Donald Trump is such a good media magnet
  • How the alt-right media has changed this election
  • About Evan McMullin’s presidential bid
  • Why he knows there is more oppo on Trump that will come out before the election is over
  • What happens after the Trump campaign is over
  • The possibility of a new conservative party that breaks with the Republicans
  • Rick’s advice for becoming a great political strategist
  • What Rick learned from Lee Atwater

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