22 Mickey Kaus – On Immigration Reform and Voting for a Republican Presidential Candidate for the First Time

A pioneer in the field of political blogging, writer Mickey Kaus is a liberal cut from a different cloth. He voted for Obama twice, then voted for Trump. He holds views that differ from democrats on issues like immigration, his signature cause at the moment. In this interview we discuss his views on Trump, why immigration is important to him, his failed Senate run, and more.

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Show Notes: 

  • What Mickey was doing on election night
  • Why he cast his first vote for a presidential Republican candidate ever in Mr. Trump
  • The policies that he is for that Trump put forth during the campaign
  • Why immigration is one of his key issues
  • How amnesty and border protection would work in Mickey’s view
  • Mickey’s concerns about Trump
  • Democrats that he would have voted for over Trump
  • What he thought of the Obama presidency
  • What he learned from his failed senate run
  • How the media treated Trump during the campaign
  • About his dinner with Matt Drudge
  • His time being a political blogger for Slate