20 Michelle Malkin – On Trump’s Cabinet, Grass Roots Conservatives, and Fake News

Michelle Malkin, journalist and influential conservative author and blogger, joins Jamie to discuss Trump’s campaign, why she supported his candidacy, and what she thinks about his stance on key issues. We talk about immigration, cabinet picks, education and the Common Core, the Carrier deal, and more. We also discuss the media coverage of 2016, her new CRTV network show, and what to do about fake news.

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Show Notes: 

  • What she was doing on election night
  • Her brief interaction with Donald Trump
  • When she got behind Trump’s candidacy
  • What she made of the Never-Trump movement
  • Why she thinks that Trump won
  • How some conservatives didn’t see Trump’s rise coming
  • What Michelle’s stance on immigration issues are
  • How people will hold Trump accountable if he reverses his position on topics like immigration
  • What Michelle thinks about Trump’s cabinet picks
  • What she thinks about the Carrier deal
  • How she thinks the media covered the 2016 campaign
  • What the new CRTV network is all about and what her new show is going to be
  • What Facebook should do about fake news
  • How to become a journalist in today’s world
  • How she became on entrepreneur

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