26 Martha MacCallum – Old-World Elegance and a Cheeseburger: What Donald Trump’s Favorite Restaurant Says About Him

Martha MacCallum is the host of Fox News’ The First 100 Days, which covers the beginning of the Trump Administration. I talked with her at Fox’s studio about meeting Trump, why he is the only GOP candidate who could have won, and how his celebrity plays into how we view him. She talked about the role of the media in today’s political climate, the atmosphere at Fox News, and how she got to where she is in her career.

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Show Notes: 

  • Where Martha was on election night
  • What Trump is like when the camera is not on
  • How we’ve become a reality-TV nation
  • Why Trump is the only GOP candidate that could have won
  • How the Trump White House is doing so far
  • Why so much of how we view Donald Trump is colored by how we knew him as a celebrity
  • What to do as journalists knowing Trump regularly speaks in an exaggerated manner
  • What the role of journalists should be in the Trump era
  • About his CPAC speech
  • How she got the 7pm slot on Fox News
  • What is happening in the Democratic Party at this moment
  • How the atmosphere has changed at Fox after Roger Ales
  • About Martha’s theater background

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