28 Jamie Kirchick – On Trump’s NATO Stance and Weakening of Europe

Jamie Kirchick is a journalist and author who focuses on foreign policy and politics. He frequently writes for major newspapers and publications, but he’s here today to talk about his book The End of Europe. We talk about the rise of populism movements in Europe, how Trump’s attack on NATO effects European unity, and the danger Trump poses to a stable Europe.

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Show Notes: 

  • Why he was a never-Trumper
  • How some of Trump’s actions can be attributed to his personality
  • How the conservative media handled Donald Trump
  • How Jamie K. describes his foreign policy worldview
  • Is the Middle East ready for democracy?
  • The lesson to be learned from Libya and Gaddafi
  • What his book The End of Europe is about
  • How Russia views NATO and Europe
  • What he thinks about Trump attacking NATO
  • Putin’s ultimate ambitions
  • What European solidarity means
  • Why Jamie K. thinks we need a European Union for a stable Europe
  • The difference between the immigration problem in Europe and the United States
  • What Europe looks like in 20 years
  • How he became a journalist and a specialist in foreign policy
  • Why it’s disturbing how far Alex Jones has come in 8 years
  • Jamie K’s relationship with Christopher Hitchens

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