25 Hugh Hewitt – On Trump’s Immigration Ban and What Happens in 2018

Hugh Hewitt is the host of the Hugh Hewitt show, an MSNBC contributor, and author of several books. He’s on the show today to talk with Jamie about his interactions with Trump and how Hugh thinks Trump is doing in his first week as President. They discuss Trump’s cabinet, his policies, and the recent immigration ban. Hugh also talks about what will happen in 2018 should Democrats gain control of the House.

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Show Notes: 

  • Hugh’s personal interactions with Trump
  • What Hugh thinks of Trump’s first week
  • What he thinks about the alt-right
  • Why he doesn’t read Breitbart
  • How Trump’s cabinet is doing
  • What will happen in 2018 if the Democrats win congress
  • How Trump could get impeached
  • What he thinks about Trump’s immigration ban
  • What Trump’s foreign policy is all about
  • How Trump won the Republican primary
  • What to do to become the next Hugh Hewitt
  • Hugh’s career story

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