32 Dinner Party Podcast: Roger Stone

In this special episode, we go on the record during a usually off-the-record dinner that Jamie hosts every so often at his Washington D.C. flat. About 7 other journalists are invited to the dinner, plus a different special guest each time. This time around, Roger Stone was gracious enough to let him go on the record for a few questions about Trump, the White House staff, and more.

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Show Notes: 

  • On if Roger thinks Alex Jones is playing a character in his on-screen performances
  • What he thinks of Steve Bannon and what his failures have been in the White House
  • If Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are Democrats
  • What happened when Roger Stone first met Donald Trump
  • Why Donald Trump was interested in Ronald Reagan’s campaign
  • What Trump learned for Richard Nixon
  • If Roger Stone thinks he was being surveilled by the government
  • What Trump could do to lose Roger Stone’s support
  • Roger’s thoughts on Julian Assange’s ties to Russia
  • Why Roger Stone has a concern for Trump’s safety
  • Why Trump’s war on the media has been very good politically for him
  • What could happen to Jared Kushner that would get him pushed out of the white house
  • Why Roger wears the collared shirts that he does

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