23 Dennis Prager – On Leftism, Trump’s Cabinet, and Israel

Famed radio talk show host, author, and conservative thinker Dennis Prager joins us on the podcast this week. We discuss his views on progressives and The Left, as well as his views on Israel and Jewish leftists. He talks about why he supported Trump in the general election even though he didn’t support him in the primaries. And we finished with what he says people should do to gain wisdom and educated themselves.

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Show Notes: 

  • Why Dennis was so happy the night of the election
  • His take of the fight that happened during the election among conservatives
  • Why he thinks The Left is the greatest danger to the United States
  • How he was anti-Trump during the primaries
  • What Trump’s position on Russia really is
  • Why the conservative base is different than Republicans think
  • Where he thinks Trumps stands on Israel
  • Why Dennis thinks so many Jews vote democratic
  • The only time that Dennis has ever raised his voice on his radio show
  • How the media covered the 2016 election
  • How to get more conservatives in Hollywood and academia
  • His relationship with Adam Carolla
  • How to be the next Dennis Prager
  • What we do to gain wisdom, and how it is different than knowledge
  • How Dennis taught himself how to conduct music
  • Why there is too much power in Washington

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