12 David Horowitz – On The Left, Supporting Trump, and Reinventing Himself

David Horowitz, the founder and president of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, has reinvented himself from a staunch communist and leftist to one of the most controversial conservative thinkers in America. In this podcast, we discuss his support of Trump and why he think Never-Trumpers are wrong, what he thinks The Left is doing to America, and his stance on the Middle East. We also dive into some questions about his career and legacy.

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Show Notes: 

  • David’s experience seeing Bill and Hillary in the 1990s
  • About when he met Sidney Blumenthal
  • Why he didn’t take a position during the primary
  • What he thought when Trump announced his candidacy
  • Why he thinks all conservatives should get behind Trump
  • How he thinks Never-Trumpers are wrong
  • David’s thoughts on what America should do in the Middle East
  • His thoughts on Hillary Clinton and Democrats in general
  • David responds to criticism of his piece on Billy Crystal for Breitbart
  • Why he has never visited Israel
  • How to reinvent yourself at a later stage in life
  • What David’s legacy will be

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