11 Ben Shapiro – On Trump’s Nomination, Breitbart News, and How to Become a Pundit

Ben Shapiro is a political pundit, author, and podcaster. He began as a teenage political commentator – he got his start in this business 15 years ago – and has written many books on many different political topics, some of which he wrote even before he attended Harvard Law. Ben is involved in politics in almost every way you can imagine without being a politician himself, and is an ardent Never Trump-er, but also an ardent Never Hillary-er. Today we discuss how Donald Trump won the Republican Primary, where the Republican Party will go if Donald Trump loses, and what will happen to Breitbart after the election.

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Show Notes: 

  • What Donald Trump’s nomination tells us about the Republican Party
  • The mistakes made by the establishment
  • How the media has discredited itself
  • What contributed to Trump’s rise
  • What it’s like getting antisemitic tweets
  • How Ben’s decision to be anti-Trump has affected his brand
  • What will happen to the Republican Party post-Trump
  • Why Ben doesn’t buy the binary logic
  • The rise of the celebrity politician
  • The silver lining about Hillary as president
  • Why there will never be a utopia in Israel
  • How Ben see’s America’s role to be in the Syrian civil war
  • The challenges of writing fiction

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