29 Alan Keyes – What The Constitution Demands of Us

Alan Keyes gives a fascinating, wide-ranging, and passionate interview. From his life growing up as an Army brat, his time at Cornell and Harvard with Allan Bloom and Harvey Mansfield, to his presidential campaigns, Dr. Keyes gives a detailed account of his convictions and how he came to them.

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Show Notes: 

  • What values Alan Keyes learned growing up as an Army brat
  • How he became an amazing orator
  • About the speech he gave in High School about the Six Day War
  • What was the important of Allan Bloom to his intellectual development
  • Why he left Cornell University
  • Why Alan Keyes thinks Uncle Tom is thought of in the wrong way
  • How he ended up going to Paris for a year
  • His experience during the Willard Straight takeover
  • Alan’s move to Harvard
  • How Harvey Mansfield influenced him
  • Why he did not become a Senator or Representative
  • The relationship between Trump and George Soros
  • What happened to the Tea Party in Alan’s view
  • What he has done in the decade since his last political campaign

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